Have you ever just been wandering around Nambour aimlessly craving a good old fashioned service, whilst being treated like an old family freind? Yes? Well look no further than Bury Lane Coffee!

Bury Lane Coffee is a small boutique coffee shop in the hidden back alleys of uncharted Nambour.
At Bury Lane we strive to source locally roasted beans that offer a bold robust flavour and give you the kick that you need in the morning, or when that afternoon low kicks in!


We have a relaxed outdoor area where you can kick back and enjoy the sun, or you can grab a quick coffee to go, one thing is for sure, once you taste our Windomal roasted beans you will keep coming back for more. Carpet, Cheap Carpet, Rugs, Cheap Rugs, Overlocking.



Opening Hours:


Mon - Fri 6:30am til 11am*



Hours subject to change



The Barista

Debbie Slater

Founder & Head Barista

Debbie has been involved in the hospitality industry for the past 35 years and has a real passion for good quality coffee. She's always up for a chat and a laugh